Kutwal Lake, Haramosh

Haramosh pass and Laila Trek

The Haramosh Pass connects the Haramosh Glacier with Chogo Lungma glacier which lies
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Hunza – Shangrila Safari Tour

The legendary Hunza where peace and contentment prevails. It is a gateway to
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K2 Base Camp Baltoro Trek

The K 2 Baltoro Glacier and Concordia trek is best views of K2
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K2 Expedition

The name K2 with the height 8,616 m, was given in 1852 by
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K2 Gondogoro La Trek

K2 Base camp and Gondogoro La Trek is one of the world’s classics
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Khridas and Khane Valley

The Kharidas is a narrow and steep valley between the Nangma and Charakusa
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Khurdopin Pass Shimshal Trek

Khurdopin pass trek is one of the world's most challenging treks, offers the
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Kondus valley Khor Kangri 6268 M expedition

Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan offering some of the best adventure rock spires climbing
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Laila Peak Expedition

Laila Peak 6,096 meters, Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful and
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Latok ogre Expedition

The Latok group is a small cluster of dramatic mixture of ice and
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