Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan offers immense mountaineering opportunities for mountaineers, trekkers, adventure seekers and nature lovers. The grandeur, charm and challenge Pakistan’s high mountains entice large numbers of mountaineers, skiers adventure seekers and scenery lovers from the world over. Northern areas (Gilgit-Baltistan) of Pakistan is home to some high-rise peaks and an exciting place to undertake mountaineering expeditions. Negotiating treacherous passes and climbing steep heights require skill and strength. Every year a number of adventure seekers approach through to the base camp of some of the high-rise mountains just to enjoy the thrill and excitement of reaching new heights.

Mountaineering in Pakistan is an exciting affair. Pakistan is home to five of the 14 highest peaks in the world. Two of them are K2 (8611 meters), which is the second highest peak in the world and Nanga Parbat (8125 meters), which is also known as ‘Killer Mountain’.

There numerous peaks above 6500 to 7700 meters, which have still remained unnamed and unclimbed. If you wish to rise the challenge then the ramble in the inspiring sanctuary of the nature await you.

Alpine Adventure Guides offers a number of mountaineering options that you can choose according to your skill and strength. Before you decide to head for a mountaineering expedition, it is essential to collect all the information about how to take mountaineering expedition in Pakistan. We Alpine Adventure Guides brings you complete information on various tourist destinations in Pakistan. AAG promises to offer you all the help to make your journey an exciting and memorable affair.

Gasherbrum I & II Expedition

Gasherbrum in local language means "Shining Wall" and the name probably origins. There are six Gasherbrum Peaks. Gasherbrum 1 also

Muztagh Ata Expedition (7546m)

Muztagh Ata is one of the most popular ascents above seven-thousand  (7,546 m) comes on the right side of the

Chogolisa Peak Expedition

Chogolisa(or Bride Peak)is situated in Karakoram Range. Chogolisa has several peaks; the highest on the SW face (Chogolisa I) rises

Laila Peak Expedition

Laila Peak 6,096 meters, Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful and worth seeing sights of the snow covered

Ski Tours in Pakistan

There are number of ski areas in Pakistan, the Himalaya and Karakoram both the high mountains of the Gilgit-Baltistan contains

Spantik Peak 7027M Expedition

The Spantik that is also called the Golden Peak is the part of the mountain chain, which forms the boundary

Charakusa valley K7 Expedition

Charakusa valley is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Karakoram Range; situated in nearby glaciers is Charakhusa Valley,

Diran Peak 7272M Expedition

The peak is called Minapin as well as Diran. It is situated in Rakaposhi and Haramosh mountain region near the

Broad Peak Expedition 2020

Broad Peak originally named K3, known locally as Faichan Kangri, Alpine Adventure  Pakistan offering Fixed departure to broad peak  Expedition

Nanga Parbat Expedition

Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and ninth highest in the world. It not part of the

K2 Expedition 2020

The name K2 with the height 8,616 m, was given in 1852 by British surveyor T.G. Montgomerie with "K" designating