Hunza – Shangrila Safari Tour


The legendary Hunza where peace and contentment prevails. It is a gateway to China and Central Asia. Buddhism first reached Chinas through the Hunza valley around 200 A. D. It is Shangrila of “Hilton’s Lost Horizons”. The terraced fields of Hunza are watered by a very efficiently designed system of channels reaching almost to the snow line. This scenic valley spreads along the West bank of Hunza River 110km North of Gilgit providing rare views of a very spectacular mountain panorama and is a starting point for climbers, trekkers, presenting great options fir day hikers, sightseeing and diversified cultural activities. Enroute stop at Rakaposhi viewpoint where you will have magnificent views of Rakaposhi Mountain (one of the most beautiful and 29th highest peak in the world).

Fairy Meadow is lush green plateau situated in the foot gin of Nanga Parbat at the Western edge of the Himalayan Range. The name Fairy Meadows is part of the legend that Fairies have their heaven on this lush green plateau. This legendry name Fairy Meadows is everlasting gift of the western tourist to the local people. Fairy Meadow offers superb views of the Nanga Parbat (8125 m) the highest mountain in Pakistan in Himalayas. (9th highest in the world) Nanga Parbat is also a killer mountain. Many climbers died on it before it was summated by the great Hermann Buhl without supplemental oxygen in 1953. His epic climb is still unsurpassed. We are honored to say that it was at our uncle’s clinic in Lahore where Hermann Buhl came to recuperate and was treated for his death-like state. Nanga Parbat is a Persian word, which means Naked Mountain, the local People call Diamer (Monarch of the God) Nanga Parbat is also located where the continents have collided. Here the Indian plate is going under the Asian plate at a rate of about few inches a year. Consequently, Nanga Parbat is still rising. In fact it is the fastest rising mountain in the world!

This is a land of superlatives. The view of Nanga Parbat from the Indus River is one of the most awesome sights in the world. This largest land escarpment in the world consists of a rise of about 7000 m. from the base of the mountain to its summit. On the other side of Nanga we have the famous Rupal Face; the tallest wall in the world with a sheer 4500 m. cliff! There are several short walks on this plateau, including the full day excursion up to the base camp (3900 m) of Nanga Parbat. It is very easy walk through the forest till then the edge of the plateau. The Nanga Parabt base camp is about 6 hours from Beyal camp to BC is requires persistence and experience in walking. From the Nanga Prabt BC can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Rakhiot flank of Nanga Parbat and other mountains of Karakorum and the Hund Kusha and many others. There is the descent to lying on a beautiful meadow Beyal Camp (3500) on which the expedition of Willy Merkel in 1934 erected their temporary stock.

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DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Alpine Adventure Guide Office, Islamabad
Adventure Days
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
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