We regularly host paragliding events in Kalar Kahar and Khanpur Dam, and host customized paragliding events also. Through out the times past of man’s flying skills, there has always been a longing desire that the experience of flight should include a measure of personal freedom and independence. After all, we speak of being as free as a bird, not as airliner. What has been needed is something eminently portable, easily packed and quickly rigged! a contrivance which won’t bend or break of one happens to land a bit hard. All these requirements add up to a perfect description of the Para glider. A para glider is very light in weight, being packed in a medium sized rucksack, is inherently stable and relatively inexpensive.

Paragliding is the simplest and most pure form of aviation and easiest way to fulfill mankind’s oldest dream.  A foot launched para glider, is easy to transport, launch and land: you launch yourself off a gentle slope facing the wind. Just the inflatable wing comes above you, it starts lifting: a few steps and you are airborne….

A para glider can be launched with engine known as para motoring and also tow launched over water and land.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Alpine Adventure Guide Office, Islamabad
Adventure Days
14 Days.
WEAR Comfortable clothing, glasses
Professional Team Meals
KIT Transportation
Personal Expense


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