Trekking Peaks below 6500M


Drifika rises up in Karakoram Range, It is a fine and perfect snow pyramid Peak situated South of the Charakusa Glacier East of the Hushe Valley), near Chogolisa Mountains.

Drifika was first climbed by Japanese team back in 1978 they reached the summit via the North Ridge. Drifka 6,447 meters has been climbed a few times. It homes in beautiful Charakusa Valley which dwelling so many ice and rock peaks with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Karakoram. On the Summit of Drfika, could be seen, K2 8611 meters 2nd highest peak in the world, Broad Peak 12th highest in the world), Gasherbrum I Hidden Peak 11th highest peak in the world, Gasherbrum II 13th-highest on Earth, Masherbrum, 7,821 meter 9th highest peak in Pakistan and the 22nd tallest in the world. Chogolisa peak 7.665 M, 14th highest peak in the earth. Charakusa Valley home to numerous climbing options between 6,000 meters and 7,000 meters peaks this are the dream of mountains climbers. There are several other spectacular granite peaks at the eastern end of the Charakusa glacier has many peaks are waiting first climb. Choice of climbs is incredible, the pretty mountainous area and the very welcome people procedure make it a perfect climbing site for holidays. The base camp area is astounding gorgeous with grassy ground and snowy peaks of surrounding.

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan made open (free) to climb peaks up to 6500m without peak fee and Liaison. There are several other spectacular peaks below 6500m among of ranges the Himalayas and the Karakorum.

Travel with your friends and have life time experience in this astounding alpine Paradise in earth.

Climbing peak below 6500M Trekking Peak.

Peak’s Names  Duration Mount Range Hotel Night Trekking days Climbing period
Kuksil Peak (6300M) 17 Days  Karakorum    07 Days    03 Days     05 Days
Buldar Peak (5602M) 16 Days  Himalayan    07 Days    02 Days     03 Days
Pastore Peak (6206M) 24 Days  Karakoram    07 Days    13 Days     03Days
Rupal Peak (5971M) 14 Days Himalayan    07 Days    02 Days     04 Days
Laila Peak (6200M) 28 Days Karakoram   08 Days    03 Days     17 Days


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