Gasherbrum Expedition

Gasherbrum Expedition


Gasherbrum is a mountain range located in the Karakoram section of the Himalayas. The name “Gasherbrum” comes from the local language and means “shining wall”. There are six Gasherbrum peaks, with Gasherbrum 1 (also known as K5 and Hidden Peak) being the highest.

Gasherbrum 1 is the 11th highest peak in the world and is located on the upper reaches of the Baltoro glacier, one of the main access routes to the mountains. It is also one of four 8,000m peaks in a tight cluster on the upper reaches of the Baltoro glacier.

Gasherbrum 2 was climbed in 1956 by members of an Austrian Karakorum expedition. The party set up base camp on the south Gasherbrum glacier, and three members reached the summit on 8 July.

Gasherbrum 3 is the 6th highest peak in Pakistan and 15th in the world ranking. It is completely overlooked in a rush to the 14 8000m peaks. G 3 has had only two ascents, both by the same route, which put seven people on its summit.

Gasherbrum 4 is better known for its unique stylishness and extreme complexity. It has had numerous ascents over the years, with most climbers taking one of two main routes to the summit. Gasherbrum 4 is a popular destination for mountaineers and is considered one of the region’s more challenging peaks.

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  • 1
    Day 01 : Arrival in Islamabad
  • 2
    Day 02 : Early morning fly to Skardu or Drive to Chilas
  • 3
    Day 03 : Drive from Chilas to Skardu
  • 4
    Day 04 : Final Preparation for Gasherbrum Expedition
  • 5
    Day 05 : Drive to Jhola 6-7hrs 3000m
  • 6
    Day 06 : Trek to Paiyu 6-7 hrs 3450m
  • 7
    Day 07 : Trek to Urdukas 6-7hrs 4050m
  • 8
    Day 08 : Rest day at Urdukas
  • 9
    Day 09 : Trek to Goro-II (5-6hrs) 4380m
  • 10
    Day 10 : Trek to Shagring 6-7hrs
  • 11
    Day 11 : Trek to Gasherbrum base camp 4-5hrs
  • 12
    Day 12 - 50 : 39 days Reserve for Climbing Broad peak
  • 13
    Day 51 : Trek back to Ali Camp or Muneer Camp
  • 14
    Day 52 : Trek to Khuspang Crossing Gandagoro Pass
  • 15
    Day 53 : Trek to Shaicho
  • 16
    Day 54 : Trek to Hushe
  • 17
    Day 55 : Drive to Skardu
  • 18
    Day 56 : Fly or Drive to Chilas
  • 19
    Day 57 : Drive to Islamabad
  • 20
    Day 58 : Free day in Islamabad
  • 21
    Day 59 : Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight

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