Kondus Valley Expedition

Kondus Valley Expedition


Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan offering some of the best adventure rock spires climbing on the globe. The Karakorum is a kingdom of the greatest attention of high mountains on earth, which truly has no parallel. The Kondus valley is part of the Saltoro Mountains in the Eastern Karakoram is separates the range from the neighboring Masherbrum Mountains. In 1979 a Japanese expedition made the first and only attempt on Link Sar Kaberi Glacier Kondus valley during the period 1974, when the Karakoram re-opened, and the mid 1980.

Kondus Valley is also anther unforgettable alpine paradise for rock climbing. It is remote wild and beautiful and there are several mountains still to have an ascent. This area first gained the attention of westerners after John Mock and Hugh Swift visited to Kondus and Saltoro valleys in 1982 and trekked up the Kaberi Glacier. The Valleys have some of the finest clean granite towers hold a life-time of objectives.

This four weeks climbing program will take you to a number of below 6500m and rock pinnacles waiting to scale and thrusting for names. There is some excellent granite above Lachit, Karmanding village and south of the K6, K7 massif Kaberi Glacier, This valley led to a large attractive, highlands bench of full alpine wild flowers and Rock towers for first ascent. The area is clustered in numerous peaks such as Saltoro Kangri Peak I 7705m, Chogolisa peak 7668m, Sherpi Kangri peak 7380m, Mount Ghent peak 7,401M, Link Sar peak 7041m, K6 peak 7281m, K-7 peak 6934m, K-13 peak Dumsum peak 6666m and Khor Kangri peak 6268m, and many others virgin rock spires.

Hare are great opportunities for new exploration and route development. Special permit is required.

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