Spantik Peak Expedition: Conquer the Golden Pillar of the Karakoram

Spantik Peak Expedition: Conquer the Golden Pillar of the Karakoram


Embark on an unforgettable Spantik Peak Expedition, a mountaineering journey to the Karakoram's Golden Pillar, which involves strenuous climbing and trekking at high altitude. Located in the Karakoram range, Spantik Peak offers a challenging and rewarding mountaineering journey that combines strenuous climbing and trekking at high altitude. As one of the easiest 7,000-meter high peaks to climb in the world, it serves as an ideal stepping stone for mountaineers preparing themselves for higher altitude Himalayan and Karakoram peaks.

Our Spantik Peak Expedition Services

Comprehensive Expedition Planning

Our experienced team will meticulously plan every aspect of your Spantik Peak expedition. From organizing permits and logistics to arranging transportation and accommodation, we'll ensure a seamless and well-coordinated journey. Our thorough preparation will provide you with the peace of mind to focus on the physical and mental challenges of the climb.

Expert Mountain Guides

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable mountain guides have extensive experience in leading expeditions to Spantik Peak. They will be with you every step of the way, providing guidance, support, and ensuring your safety throughout the expedition. Our guides possess a deep understanding of the terrain, weather conditions, and route options, enhancing your chances of a successful climb. Scenic Approach and Acclimatization The approach to Spantik Peak takes you through stunning valleys adorned with snow-capped peaks. We will provide you with a scenic trekking experience as you acclimatize to the increasing altitude. This gradual ascent allows your body to adjust to the thinning air, minimizing the risks associated with high-altitude climbing.

Challenging Ascent

The ascent of Spantik Peak via the normal route from the north will test your physical endurance and mountaineering skills. While not requiring extensive technical expertise, the climb is still physically demanding. Our guides will provide you with the necessary training and support to navigate the glaciated valleys and reach the summit. The rewarding views from the top will make every effort worthwhile.

Safety as a Priority

Safety is our utmost priority throughout the Spantik Peak expedition. We conduct thorough risk assessments, monitor weather conditions, and prioritize acclimatization to ensure your well-being. Our guides are trained in emergency response and first aid, ensuring a safe and secure climbing environment. We maintain small group sizes to enhance safety and provide personalized attention to each participant.

Embark on a Spantik Peak expedition with Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan and experience the thrill of conquering the Golden Pillar of the Karakoram.

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer seeking a challenging ascent or a passionate adventurer looking to push your limits, our experienced team is ready to make your Spantik Peak expedition a success. Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable journey. Let us guide you to new heights of achievement and witness the incredible golden-yellow hues of Spantik Peak at sunset.

  • 1
    Day 01 : Arrive Islamabad and transfer to hotel
  • 2
    Day 02 : Fly to Sakrdu or Drive to Chilas via Babu Sar Pass, Not KKH
  • 3
    Day 03 : Drive to Skardu, along the Indus river
  • 4
    Day 04 : Preparation day in Skardu, and afternoon briefing
  • 5
    Day 05 : Drive to Arandu village
  • 6
    Day 06 : Trek to Chogo Brangsa 3322M
  • 7
    Day 07 : Trek to Bolocho camp 3800m
  • 8
    Day 08 : Trek to Spantik Base camp 4160M
  • 9
    Day 09 - 28 : 20 days for acclimatization and climbing period
  • 10
    Day 21 : Trek back to Bolocho camp 3800M
  • 11
    Day 22 : Trek back to Arandu village
  • 12
    Day 23 : Drive back to Skardu
  • 13
    Day 24 : Drive back to Chilas, incase flight Cancellation
  • 14
    Day 25 : Fly or Drive to Islamabad via Babu Sar Pass
  • 15
    Day 26 : Rest day in Islamabad(Contingency day)
  • 16
    Day 27 : Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight

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