Noshaq peak 7492M Expedition

Noshaq peak 7492M Expedition


Noshaq peak 7492m is located in the far eastern of Pakistan and Afghan border in the Hindu Kush range. The Noshaq main peak was climbed in 1960 along the south East Ridge from the Qadzi Deh glacier by a Japanese expedition led by Professor Toshiaki Sakai and Goro Iwat subo reached the top on 17th August becoming the first men to summit of Noshaq Peak. The second highest peak in this range is Noshaq East at 7480m climbed in 1963 by Dr Gerald Gruber and Rudolf Pischinger from Austria. The third highest peak of the range Noshaq Central is 7400m. The Austrian expedition of 1963 of Dr Gerald Gruber and Rudolf Pischinger are also credited with climbing the fourth peak of Noshaq range called Noshaq West at 7250m. In 1972, an expedition led by Janusz Kurczab reached at Base Camp to achieve the ladies ascent of the mountain. The legendary Wanda Rutkiewicz was also part of the team. Expedition was extremely successful as Jan Holnicki-Szulc, Janusz Kurczab and Krzysztof Zdzitowiecki made the first ascent of the southwest face in alpine style on 22nd August, whereas eight other members summated via normal route (west ridge) on 23rd and 25th. It was also a Polish female altitude record, at that time and Wanda Rutkiewicz was first Polish to scale Noshaq. Numerous successful ascents include the first winter ascent of a high Asian mountain, achieved by a Polish expedition in February 1973 by Tadeusz Piotrowski and Andrzej Zawada, via the north face. It was the world’s first winter climb above any 7000m peaks. Noshaq peak is present no major technical difficulty peak and is almost completely free of objective dangers, being a long and continued ridge climb on fairly angled slopes. Shingeik Zom peak 7,291m is called “SMOKING MOUNTAIN” and gives a magnificent view from the base camp at 5000m. Dominated by giant Tirich Mir range, it is situated in the upper Tirich Mir and Darban glacier area and is approachable Tirich Mir route. The peak was climbed in 1966 by Members of Bavarian Chitral Expedition when Mrs. Trubswetter and Konard Holch reached the top, another peak in the range which called Shingeik (East) 6593m peaks have been climbed in 1966 by Austrian Alpine Club members. Further details of expedition package and itinerary please contact us

  • 1
    Day 01 : Arrival in Islamabad
  • 2
    Day 02 : Fly or Drive to Chitral
  • 3
    Day 03 : Trek / expedition briefing for permit
  • 4
    Day 04 : Trek to Zani Pass
  • 5
    Day 05 : Trek
  • 6
    Day 06 : Trek to Sheiniak
  • 7
    Day 07 : Trek to Noshaq babu base camp
  • 8
    Day 07 - 34 : 28 Days Reserved for Climbing activities
  • 9
    Day 35 : Trek back to Sheiniak
  • 10
    Day 36 : Trek back to Shahgrom
  • 11
    Day 37 : Drive back to Chitral
  • 12
    Day 38 : Drive back to Islamabad
  • 13
    Day 39 : De-Briefing in Alpine club of Pakistan
  • 14
    Day 40 : Transfer to airport for International Flight

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