Paragliding in Pakistan

Paragliding in Pakistan


Pakistan has breathtaking flying sites in the North. The extensive mountain ranges of Himalayas and Hindukush Karakorum provide excellent opportunities for free flying. For experienced pilots who wish to fly from these amazing sites Alpine Adventure Guides can manage complete logistics for the flying expeditions. The long journey will be from Islamabad to the deep in the Karakorum Mountains. 

Paragliding is the simplest and most pure form of aviation and easiest way to fulfill mankind’s oldest dream.  A foot launched para glider, is easy to transport, launch and land: you launch yourself off a gentle slope facing the wind. Just the inflatable wing comes above you, it starts lifting: a few steps and you are airborne and host customized paragliding events also. Throughout the times past of man’s flying skills, there has always been a longing desire that the experience of flight should include a measure of personal freedom and independence. After all, we speak of being as free as a bird, not as airliner. Easily packed and quickly rigged a contrivance which won’t bend or break of one happens to land a bit hard. All these requirements add up to a perfect description of the Para glider. A para glider is very light in weight, being packed in a medium sized rucksack, is inherently stable and relatively inexpensive.

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